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​Public Interest Incorporated Foudation of Wafu School

The ​School of Ikebana 

To learn is to teach,Self-improvement to teach

The ikebana of the Teshigawara Japanese style society respects the beauty of nature. Everyone feels that it is beautiful when they touch green trees and autumn leaves, not just flowers.

It ’s something that people all over the world feel, not just Japanese people.
The beginning of ikebana is that when you see beautiful things, you want to decorate them close to you.

We are passing on that sensibility to the next generation through activities such as the Ikehana Experience Class, the Headquarters Class, and the Flower Exhibition.


History of Tshigahara Wafu Society

It is a natural instinct of human beings to take beautiful things into their environment and keep them by their side for a long time.


And this is a flower that expresses nature more beautifully with the gentle and compassionate feeling of not letting the flowers die, the sensibility of the person, and the reliable technology.

  The Teshigawara Japanese Style Association was started in Kamakura City, Kanagawa Prefecture in 1896 as the Japan Flower Society with the aim of widely handing down the traditional culture of ikebana by the first Teshigawara Japanese style.

After that, the place of activity was expanded to overseas by the second generation Teshigawara Japanese style, and the third generation Teshigawara Japanese style made the headquarters hall widely used by trainees as a place for research and investigation of flower arrangement, and at the same time, the spread of Japanese style society ikebana and its culture It became a public interest foundation in 2013 with the aim of contributing to improvement and development. This year marks the 124th year.

Achievement of  Teshigahara Wafu Society

Branches have been established one after another in the history of 124 years, and the Japanese style society of the style that opens to the world has a long history.


In the early Taisho era, there was already a belief in ikebana reform, and there was a progressive idea that embodies the ikebana of a new concept suitable for a new life that changes.


April 8, 1926 Tokyo Zoshigaya erected a flower arrangement, which is rare in the ikebana world, in front of the Kishimojin Kamiwaki Homeiji mountain gate.


The dimensions of the branches are expressed on an easy-to-understand scale, and even secrets have been widely disclosed to disciples who have just started, and we have spread and taught the splendor of ikebana.

At the same time, branches were established one after another in various places in order to let Japan and the world know that the flowers that respect the beauty of nature are beautiful.

In addition to women's police officers, male police officers also became professors at the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department police academy, as well as companies such as Japan Women's University, Tokyu Department Store Nihonbashi, Sankyo Pharmaceutical, Bridgestone Tire, Fujibo, Kirin Brewery, etc. We have also opened a school hall.

The works of the Japanese style society can be done in various places, and at the Yokoyama Taikan Yoneju Memorial Masterpiece Exhibition of the Japanese painting stage, we received a direct request from Mr. Yokoyama, who had a close friendship, and lived up the flowers at the venue. In 1964, I was the first Japanese to be honored to introduce Ikebana at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and Columbia University.

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