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Thursday Study Class taught by the Chairman

Headquarters class

To learn is to teach,Self-improvement to teach

The Teshigawara Wafukai has inherited and preserved the theme of the first generation.


The first generation had the idea that when sublimating ikebana into art, it would not be a true ikebana unless it could convey its splendor to anyone who could make flowers.

Honorific honorifics are to have a heart of natural beauty in yourself. And that heart is also the heart of hospitality.

If you read the spirit of hospitality that leads to the tea ceremony, it is also what you are taught by teaching.

Isn't it the answer that could be derived only because it was the first generation to have a drink with celebrities in various fields such as tea ceremony, painting, and literary masters?

In the headquarters classroom, we are stubbornly adhering to the wonderful honorific titles of the past and practicing them honestly.


Large exhibition hall

・ In the classroom, you can not just go on the desk, but choose a background color that matches the flower material from among the many background colors and study color matching at the same time.  

・ There are many vases, so feel free to use them.  

・ You can rest assured that you will be practicing in a spacious space.  

・ A lot of sunlight shines into the classroom, and you can spend an elegant time while enjoying the scenery of the outside and the courtyard.  


What the headquarters class aims for

In flower arrangements and other styles, due to space and cost, it is inevitable to practice in free space or rental conference room.

That's not a bad thing, but it's also true that the content you can learn is biased.

For example, if you want to decorate a table with flowers, or put flowers in a small space at the entrance or in the bathroom, the lessons that can be used at the table in the conference room are not enough.

In order to express the beauty of nature even in various environments, it is necessary to learn the beauty of color and the beauty of space and cultivate one's senses.

In the headquarters classroom, there are some gimmicks to cultivate the beauty of color and space.

One of the characteristics of being able to live in the headquarters classroom is that you can express your own beauty without panicking in any environment or situation by cultivating various aesthetic senses while consciously cultivating flowers.

Features of the headquarters class

We have 2 or 3 kinds of seasonal flower materials available at any time.  

The classroom structure is such that you can learn the colors of flowers and landscapes.

Not only tables but also various items such as Japanese-style rooms and furniture are available so that you can make flowers in each situation.

You can study the space in a spacious space instead of a conference room

You can freely use more than 200 vases collected from the first generation.

You can live while thinking about the harmony between indoors and outdoors with the large windows.

You can live while thinking about the light of the sun

There are many rooms such as classrooms and large venues, so you can use it from small to large works.

You can live with peace of mind with a complete reservation system to prevent infectious diseases.


Lesson space

Headquarters class course and fees

* Currently, a free admission fee campaign is underway for Corona.

* There is no textbook for each course due to the intention of the first Japanese style, which is based on the belief of one Japanese style book for a lifetime.

Flow of lessons


1st floor reception

・ Reception at the entrance lobby of the hall 

(Currently, we are measuring alcohol disinfection and body temperature)  


・ The classroom will be on the 2nd floor  


・ Several types of seasonal flower materials are available as a set. 

Please choose a place where you can go with your favorite flower material  


・ After confirming the contents of the professor and how to handle the flower materials on that day, the lesson will start. 

There is no set time to go  


・ When you're done, your teacher will give you a comment.  


・ You can take all the flower materials home with you, so please use the wrapping paper you have prepared. 

Please use 

・ The next lesson date will be confirmed and the session will end.  


Members can use not only the classroom but also the lounge, drawing room, book corner, etc. 

Members can freely use not only the classroom but also the lounge, drawing room, book corner, etc.

Exterior of Headquarters

Exterior view


Inside image


1st floor lounge


1st floor reception


​Stairs toward the Lesson space

Lesson space


Large exhibition space



Large exhibition hall stairs side



Vase yard right



Vase yard left

How to get a teacher license

At the Teshigawara Ikebana Association, there are many inquiries from those who are aiming to become instructors, and so far many people have become licensed ikebana and have raised their own signboards to convey the wonderfulness of holding disciples.

With respect for the beauty of nature, we have set up four courses so that you can create the work you want to embody in any situation, from small works to large works, and we practice by deciding the subject for each course.

Each person has their own way to become an instructor, but in a minimum of two years, you can become a full-time license.

Even after becoming an instructor, there are many instructors who constantly improve their ikebana in the headquarters classroom.

Also, there are many people who enjoy ikebana with their own goal of clearing the course.

The important thing is to add color to your life through "ikebana".

At the Japanese style society, the courses are currently set up in the following order.

Those who have already practiced a certain amount in other styles can judge their skills and start the course from a course higher than normalization.


·general course

・ Higher department

・ Advanced course

・ Special course

In addition, even beginners who aim to become instructors are instructed in the headquarters classroom.

If you would like to become an instructor, please check the education system below.



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