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Education system

To learn is to teach,Self-improvement to teach

Education system to be a teacher of Teshigahara Wafukai 

Obtain four licenses up to the instructor promotion exam.

The motto of the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association is

"Because you learn, you teach, because you teach, you do self-training."

At the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association, we try to make the curriculum back and forth according to the people who are practicing, so that it is sometimes fun and especially thoughtful.

The uniform lessons in the textbook have the sad side of forcibly correcting the good points of that person.

The essence of education is to maximize the characteristics that can be extended, and to maximize the sense that you have by thoroughly learning the basics where you are lacking.

This does not mean neglecting the basics.

In the world of martial arts, it is said that "the foundation is the mystery", but the foundation is the most important.

The world of ikebana is the same.

By thoroughly learning the basics and patterns, you can create the best work in any situation by creating a solid core in your body.

When the basics are well systematized with mysterious things, you will be able to teach naturally.

This is the educational policy of the Teshigawara Wafukai, which was derived by the first generation.

No matter how the times change, this educational policy will not change.

Successive Japanese styles have inherited the education system without changing the education policy of the first generation.

As a result, you will always be able to calmly use the best work you can think of without being influenced by the environment.

Lesson course


general course

Learn the basics of flower-shaped composition from "What is a flower?"

You will be able to use Kenzan to go to vases such as basins.


Intermediate course

You can broaden the scope of your training and acquire a thick foundation by using applied vases such as Nageirebana and hanging flowers.


Advanced course

​You will learn the horizontal body of the input flower, the landing method, and the flower shape composition that is expressive, and learn the ikebana relatively.


Special training course

​As the final step to becoming an instructor, we will comprehensively enhance the spiritual and technical aspects of ikebana.


License exam for teacher


The qualification of the instructor will be awarded after the special training course is completed and then either the main examination or the correspondence examination / special certification examination.

If you pass the promotion test, you will be able to:

・ The flower number will be awarded by the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association.

After that, the flower number and job title can be added to the exhibition of the work.

・ A nameplate engraved with the flower number will be presented by the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association.

You can use it when you can make use of your work at the exhibition.

・ You can set up a classroom as a lecturer at the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association.

Ikebana can be developed as a job.





・勅使河原和風会から講師のお免状と看板等が授与され花展等での作品をいけ る際にお使いいただけます。


No one is confident

However, the chance is not missed and it passes

Let's make the qualification bloom

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