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125 years since foundation

What is Teshigahara Wafukai 

Currently, the Teshigawara Wafukai, which is engaged in flower activities on the world stage, hosted the "Japanese Flower Society" in the middle of the Meiji era (1896) , and it has been 125 years.

The ikebana of the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association is "respect for natural beauty." We define it as respect for the beauty of nature, as it is necessary to make the best use of nature and enjoy it.


Everyone feels that it is beautiful when they touch green trees and leaves, not just flowers, and they are struck by the beauty. It is something that not only Japanese people but people all over the world feel.  

The beginning of ikebana is that when you see beautiful things, you want to decorate them close to you.  


If you collect even one flower, put the flower in a suitable container with water and enjoy watching it. Don't forget that the flower is beautiful by itself.  


Since we also live in nature, I think that ikebana that respects the beauty of nature can comfortably sympathize with the body.  


For that purpose, I think that it is not unnatural, cruelly deforming plants, or suffocating and binding, but it is necessary to make the best use of nature and enjoy it.


The motto is to insert as many flowers as you like into your favorite vase and enjoy them.


In the 125-year history, branches have been established one after another, and the world-famous Teshigawara Wafukai has a long history. Practicing kebana.



I have told people in Japan and around the world that the flowers that respect the beauty of nature are beautiful.  


After entering the Showa era and succeeding in giving a lecture on ikebana at the United Nations Headquarters in New York and Columbia University for the first time in Japan in 1964, he made great achievements in improving, developing and spreading the art of ikebana all over the world.


He has been a professor at the Police Academy of the Police Agency since 1945, and has opened schools for Nihon Women's University, Tokyu Department Store Nihonbashi Store, Sankyo Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., Bridgestone Tires, Fuji Spinning Co., Ltd., Kirin Beer, etc. I was nominated for the event and was in charge of the flowers at the venue after receiving the words, "The naturalist Ikebana is the original form of the Japanese spirit and I feel it."



In 2015, the Teshigawara Japanese Style Hall was newly completed so that you can convey the flowers as an environmental art and learn in a more comfortable space.


Our association believes that Ikehana, which respects the beauty of nature, is the original spirit of Japanese Ikehana. Respecting artistic sensibilities We are promoting the next generation of ikebana with clear technology.

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