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​ Ikehana trial class

Experience the essence of a secret professor

About the experience class

There is nothing to prepare, you can participate empty-handed.

You can take all the flowers used in the experience with you. Please clean it at home.

Multiple participants such as friends, acquaintances, and people from the company are also possible.

We will carefully guide you with individual guidance.

​ If you have any other concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Details of the hands-on classroom

Please come to our school every Thursday from 11:00 am to 8:00 pm at your favorite time.

Flow of experience class

[1] Please contact us by "Reservation of experience class" or by phone from this homepage.

[2] Please come to the headquarters classroom at the reserved time on the day of participation and pay the tuition fee for the experience classroom at the reception.

[3] The instructor in charge will guide you to the venue and explain how to use it.

[4] Please choose your favorite flower material (flower to use).

[5] Vase (vase to be used) You can choose your favorite vase from the storage.

​ [6] The instructor in charge will explain how to go to the Teshigawara Japanese Style Association.

[7] You can grow flowers as you wish.

  If you have any questions or advice on how to go, please ask the instructor in charge.

[8] When you are done, the instructor in charge will comment on your work.

[9] Please take a break and wrap the flowers in the wrapping paper that we have prepared and take them home.

​ [10] The experience class will end.

Inside view of the classroom

It is the essence of the Teshigawara Japanese style society that flowers can be grown in any place.

The classroom is a spacious space and is designed to accommodate various situations.

Various colors are arranged on the wall so that you can study the background color and the color matching of flowers.

We also support works that allow you to hang a vessel on the wall or hang a vessel from the ceiling.

There is an alcove with tatami mats so that you can enjoy how to go in a Japanese-style room.

​ Assuming that you will decorate your work at the entrance or room, you can install multiple pieces of furniture on top of it.


​ Experience Classroom Reservation Form

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